Electric fencing uncovered


Energises are the electronic item that delivers, regulates and receives the pulse of the electricity. The quotation given has three separate quotes consisting of the Nemtek Druid 3joule, 5joule and the 8joule energisers.

Please take note that the higher the joules the better, as this allows for less resistance and a better chance of getting a constant voltage. Energisers are programed to release a voltage pulse that can range from 7000 to 9000volts of electricity. The Druid range of energisers also comes with an optional keypad to allow maximum control at a minimal cost.

All Nemtek energisers use what is known as APT (adaptive power technology) which is patented by Nemtek. APT constantly and actively analyses the fence and adapts the transfer of power onto the fence, minimising arcing and false alarms, while allowing maximum performance.

All wall mount brackets are hot dip galvanized to prevent rusting and then powder coated to either a white or black finish. Insulators are U.V resistant and are also either white or black. As per SANS regulations, all electric fencing wires carrying a current, must not be less than 1.5metres from the ground up.


The stays are attached to the mounting brackets at every turn and spring tension to stop the bracket from bending. All stays come with an all new P.V.C, U.V resistant sleeve that prevents the arcing of the wires against the stay.

We use a 6 strand 316 stainless steel anti-rust wire which is durable in all weather, long lasting and able to retain the electric pulses more effectively than most wires. We do not believe in a 5 wire setup, as it has been proven that intruders are able to step over a 5 wire setup without being detected or deterred.

High Voltage Cable:

A high voltage cable is used to supply the electric fence with both the live current and earth that is needed, without endangering anyone. A 4 core high voltage cable is used on installations, making it not only quicker to complete, but gives a pleasing aesthetic look. All high voltage cables have to be conduited as per SANS regulations.

As per regulations, ferrules are used to either clamp the wire back to itself or clamp another wire/high voltage cable to either carry or continue the current. All of our ferrules are stainless steel, which allows the stainless steel wire to carry its current more effectively, allowing the least resistance which in turn provides a stable voltage.

Compression Spring Limiters:

These are the new versions of a tension spring. The compression spring limiter allows the wire to remain taught over time, by constantly keeping tension on the wire. The normal spring tensioners bend over time and allow the wires to sag. The new compression spring limiter works on the reverse process of the spring, by using the spring in a push action and not a pull action.

The innovative new direct sliding gate contact is a safe and efficient way of supplying a voltage to your sliding gate without hampering your security. It allows your fence to be monitored at all times.

Sirens and Strobes:

The sirens are a standard 15 watt siren that acts as a deterrent and notifying you of a breach in your perimeter security. The strobe also acts as a deterrent and notifies you that the fence alarm has been tripped. If the electric fence is attached to your alarm, the strobe will also allow your armed response to find your place without hassle. Both of these items comes standard with any installation. There is also an optional extra fence light which faces one way and allows you to see the voltage pulsing in your fence, by illuminating the light every time a pulse passes through it.

According to SANS regulations, an electric fence must start out with a minimum of three earth spikes and another three at 30 meter intervals if you are running a parallel fence. If you are running a series fence, there is a minimum requirement of three earth spikes and if required more earth spikes may be installed. Remember that earth makes up half the fence and is needed to gain the correct voltage.





Maintenance Contract: (Extra Optional)

We offer either a 1 year or a 2 year maintenance contract. These contracts involve coming back twice a year and maintaining the electric fence by:

1. Cleaning all ferrules and insulators (NB)

2. Tightening and repairing wires if needed

3. Eliminating any arcing (NB)

4. Testing and regulating the energiser

5. Tightening brackets and stays if needed

6. Making sure connections of all high voltage cable are correct (NB)


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